Sunday, August 5, 2012


 A cool breeze is filtering into the room after a long stream of hot and humid days and nights.  With summer windows flung wide open, soft rain gently patters on leaves, pavement, skylights and roof.  It is almost dark at 8:05, and one of 'my' cardinals is chipping just outside the window near the porch feeder.  This lovely creature visits several times a day.  Here in the gentle rain, she says goodnight.

Before I am ready, winter will be back, and these sounds and these whispers of sweet fresh air will be a thing of memory. This is time to savor.

Amidst myriad chores, obligations, and countless caregiving duties, here is our beautiful, peaceful world inviting me to slow down and participate.

Quiet, Mike.  Breathe.

All the rest will be here tomorrow.  But this here, this is NOW.  

This is what I need.